The Parallel House

Inspiration for The House:

The Parallel House earned its name from the use of two High Cube 40ft Shipping Containers placed side by side to create a parallel formation and a contained space in between that serves as a living area. The motivation for this project was to design and build a viable solution with the following design constraints:
1. Purchase 2No. 40ft containers and use them as is(or with slight remodeling) for storage.

2. Maximize use of the space in between for multiple purposes (Bedsitter, office, kitchen, shower).

Solution for off-grid housing!

We do realize that many persons are unable to do that off-grid house quickly and within budget especially in peri-urban areas like Kitengela, Rongai or Isinya.
The Space that the parallel House presents is far superior in quality and execution than a typical brick and mortar house for two main reasons:
1. It is scalable- One can quickly convert it into a spacious 4 or 5 Bedroom House from the current design.
2. It has excellent elevated outdoor space (2 No. Balconies and a Terrace linked to the Bedroom)

Benefits of building the Parallel House

The choice of colour by the Architect is elegant and blends in with the environment which is rather harsh. In this design, we have embraced the use of renewable energy including provision of space for water storage on top of the two shipping containers.

Natural lighting has been maximized including provisioning for the multiple use of the living spaces which i think gives more utility value to the spaces.

If the owner wishes to go on a long holiday, he/she can lock up all their belongings and re-convert the house into a secure place. The Parallel House is all about maximum utility and value for money.
  1. Does not attract NCA Construction Levy of 0.5%
  2. Bigger internal space(140 Square Metres) than a typical 4 Bedroom House.
  3. Expansive outdoor space upstairs only accessible via the house(61.17 Square Metres).
  4. Almost cost free twin balconies. Great advantage of using Shipping Containers
  5. Affordable House and Scalable Ideal for Off-Grid Living.
  6. Designed-4-security. Designed for minimum intrusion and maximum security.
  7. Clear 360 degree views of the property by Owner.
  8. Water shortage solution and Sufficient Space for mounting Solar Power.
  9. Shorter Construction Periods.


Optional House Ad-Ons

At an affordable additional cost, the home builder can obtain the following extra packages:
  • Landscaping Package: Use of living elements, flora and fauna, stones and pebbles, water features, fencing, abstract elements, gardening and external craft to spruce up the homestead and “green it”
  • CCTV Surveillance & Security: Remote controlled lighting solution, CCTV installation, Total-Security Package.
  • Storage Package: Wall-mounted bookshelf\, racks and other interior design storage solutions to help maximize house utility from Ujenzibora Interior
  • Off-Grid Package: A fully solar powered home including Gates Lighting Solar-Powered Lawns, Water-Heating, and Solar Lighting.

Floor Area


We have Flexible Container Housing Concepts. From 1 Bedroom to 5 Bedroom!

Design & Build Package


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