The Open Place: Scalable, Affordable 3 Bedroom House

Ujenzibora Seeks to provide a series of bespoke housing solutions that are highly customizable, affordable and technologically sound for first time home owners. We seek to offer our clients a one stop hustle free Lab where they can come to find lasting solutions and achieve their goals.
In keeping with our value proposition of providing affordable housing solutions, we are pleased to introduce The Open Place House under our “Design & Build Package.” It was designed and conceptualized by Architect George and Ujenzibora Investment Ltd.

Inspiration for The Open Place:

This design earned the name Open Place owing to its spacious double lounge that spans across half the house to the dining area and Kitcthen. It also boasts an elaborate 5.4 metre high double volume truncated only by the high pitch roof.

Commercial Value:

Due to its unique design, the house can easily be converted into commercial property with the possibility of expanding the bedrooms at the back.
It has an expansive lounge space that can comfortably host more than 3 sets of conversations comfortably (Lounge 01, Lounge 02, Dining Space).
The roof above can also be extended using canvas to create a shaded front.


Additional House Ad-Ons

At an affordable additional cost, the home builder can obtain the following extra packages:
  • Landscaping Package: Use of living elements, flora and fauna, stones and pebbles, water features, fencing, abstract elements, gardening and external craft to spruce up the homestead and “green it”
  • CCTV Surveillance & Security: Remote controlled lighting solution, CCTV installation, Total-Security Package.
  • Storage Package: Wall-mounted bookshelf\, racks and other interior design storage solutions to help maximize house utility from Ujenzibora Interior
  • Off-Grid Package: A fully solar powered home including Gates Lighting Solar-Powered Lawns, Water-Heating, and Solar Lighting.

Floor Area


The Open Place has 2 lounges and You can add Bedrooms Later!

Design & Build Package


  • Build Now! Flexible Rate*
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