The African Courtyard House.

In keeping with our value proposition of providing affordable housing solutions, we are pleased to introduce The African Courtyard House which is ideal for both rural and urban areas..

Project Inspiration:

The first and most important concept explored in this design is the concept of shelter through elements of African Architecture. We have chosen to design with this tradition in mind. The house can be built with rammed earth o masonry stonework. The clean lines provide a modern aesthetic while the color and materials complete the link to the vernacular architecture tradition.

In our “Design-And-Build” Package, we have removed the complexity costs and process which have proved to be very tedious and confusing to home owners.

Message from Architect Glenn

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this. I enjoyed the cultural aspects and African vernacular architecture I researched. A few of the results of this research are posted as inspirations for you to share in the development of the concepts presented herein.

The process of working on this home for you was very gratifying and informative.”

At an affordable additional cost, the home builder can obtain the following extra packages:
  • Landscaping Package: Use of living elements, flora and fauna, stones and pebbles, water features, fencing, abstract elements, gardening and external craft to spruce up the homestead and “green it”
  • CCTV Surveillance & Security: Remote controlled lighting solution, CCTV installation, Total-Security Package.
  • Storage Package: Wall-mounted bookshelf\, racks and other interior design storage solutions to help maximize house utility from Ujenzibora Interior
  • Off-Grid Package: A fully solar powered home including Gates Lighting Solar-Powered Lawns, Water-Heating, and Solar Lighting.

Floor Area


The African Courtyard House embraces vernacular architecture with a touch of modernity! It has an outer and inner court.

Design & Build Package


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