The Stylish L-House

The L-House is a beautifully crafted house ideal for a mid sized family complete with a detached Servants Quarter.
The building is an "L" shaped house, formed by the main block as the longer leg (With all the 4 Bedroom, Lounge, Spacious Kitchen, Pantry and Guest Room) and the Detached Servants Quarter + Covered Car Park as the Short Leg. This is where it earned its name!

The Master Balcony faces the main drive in of the house.

Inspiration for the Stylish L-House

In this design, we sought a self-contained, comfortable and affordable housing solution for a first time home owner while maintaining value for money. It can also serve as a perfect guest house or detached servants quarter.

The aim was to create a compact and economic but still a stylish house. In this design, we sought a complete, comfortable and affordable housing solution for a young family that breaks away from the typical maisonette design of uptown house schemes.
Unlike the Zuri House, It has a pre-designed parking space for two house and a self-contained Servants Quarter.

House Summary

Total Floor Area: 180 Square metres.
No. of Windows: 15 Windows (Steel Casement) , Double Lounge : Full Height Windows.
Number of bedrooms: 5(Master Ensuite, 2No. Ensuite Bedrooms, Guest Bedroom, DSQ)
Number of Bathrooms: 5 ( 4 + Guest)
Spacious Family Room
Double Chimney (Opens in Family Room Upstairs and Living Room Downstairs)
Self-Contained Detached Servants Quarter
1 Balcony for Master Bedroom and Shared Balcony for Family Room
2 Car Covered Parking Space
Guest and Visitors Parking

House Features & Advantages

I. Main volume of the House is oriented east/west to reduce solar incidence in facades and to face Main Drive-In

II. Beautiful covered entrance layout with direct car park for two cars.

III. The L- House offers two options to the client for the external finishes, that is, plastered and painted or stone cladding. Lounge can have slit windows with stonework or fully glazed walls

IV. All the bathrooms in The L-House including the Master Bedroom are ensuite.

V. Spacious Lounge approximately 22 Square metres by 4.65 Metres High for flexible arrangement of furniture to suit your needs or moods. Lounge has a double volume with full view from family room upstairs

VI. Spacious Kitchen and Dining Space.

VII. Living room fireplace is the pivotal element around the house happenings (downstairs in the living room or kitchen and the family room). The elegant chimney protects the dining room from direct views from the living room and has a support function, that is, shelves for storage. The main chimney takes about 30% of the space. The other 60% is storage space

VIII. Full Height Windows(4.65 High) on the Lounge to allow more natural light without direct sun rays. This saves on artificial lighting.

IX. An ensuite Guest Bedroom downstairs. The guest toilet is accessible via a sliding door to be used by House Visitors otherwise it is reserved for the Guest Bedroom.

X. Master Bedroom Balcony is private and separate from the Family Balcony which is shared with the other two bedrooms on the First Floor.

XI. A Spacious Detached Servants Quarter with its own separate bathroom, kitchen worktop, Store and Laundry Space”

XII. Shared Family Room with Chimney upstairs in the Main House accessible from all the 3 Bedrooms.

XIII. Multiple openings in glass facades in order to guarantee daylight and free flow of air

XIV. Canopies to protect facades.

XV. Five Car Guest and Visitors parking

Optional House Add-Ons

At an affordable additional cost, the home builder can obtain the following extra packages:
  • Landscaping Package: Use of living elements, flora and fauna, stones and pebbles, water features, fencing, abstract elements, gardening and external craft to spruce up the homestead and “green it”
  • CCTV Surveillance & Security: Remote controlled lighting solution, CCTV installation, Total-Security Package.
  • Storage Package: Wall-mounted bookshelf\, racks and other interior design storage solutions to help maximize house utility from Ujenzibora Interior
  • Off-Grid Package: A fully solar powered home including Gates Lighting Solar-Powered Lawns, Water-Heating, and Solar Lighting.

Floor Area


The Stylish L-House Can Be Built In Phases: Main House & DSQ + Parking!

Design & Build Package


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