FirstStep House- An Ideal 3 Bedroom Affordable House Designed for an 1/8th

The Firstep House is a 3 Bedroom Bungalow targeting First Time Home Owners in Kenya. As an affordable housing solution, it has been expertly designed to maximize the lifestyle and sustainability goals of the owner.

Less Complexity, More Elegance

By fixing the Project Time, Cost, Quality and Design and by removing ALL the complexities of Building Construction Contracts, we believe we are standing at the foot of something revolutionary.

The Firstep House can be scaled up or down depending on your needs. You can even build the main lounge and kitchen/dining, and add the bedrooms one at a time! It can also be built as a Start-Up House when you quickly want to stop renting or to start being a landlord.

Things You Gain by Building The Firstep House

1. Rainwater Harvesting and Storage in 10,000 litre water tank

2. Sustainable Design that has great savings on waste, recyclable and environmentally friendly

4. A Program of works with All Activities from Start to Completion. Makes tracking easy!

5. A Spacious Kitchen, Lounge and Dining area centrally accessible from all bedrooms!

6. Integrated solar/electrical wiring system

7. Tiled floors(Optional), maximum daylight and special wrought iron curtain rods

8. Three(3) Bedrooms (One Master bedroom ensuite), 2 Water Closets, 2 Bathrooms

9. Spacious Kitchen including Overhead cupboards

10.One off “Professional Services Contract” for Design-And-Build
11. An Optional open-to-the-sky Mini Courtyard between Lounge and Spacious Kitchen

Optional House Add-Ons

At an affordable additional cost, the home builder can obtain the following extra packages:
  • Landscaping Package: Use of living elements, flora and fauna, stones and pebbles, water features, fencing, abstract elements, gardening and external craft to spruce up the homestead and “green it”
  • CCTV Surveillance & Security: Remote controlled lighting solution, CCTV installation, Total-Security Package.
  • Storage Package: Wall-mounted bookshelf\, racks and other interior design storage solutions to help maximize house utility from Ujenzibora Interior
  • Off-Grid Package: A fully solar powered home including Gates Lighting Solar-Powered Lawns, Water-Heating, and Solar Lighting.

Floor Area


The Firstep House Can Be Built In Phases! Extra Bedrooms Can be Done in Phase 2

Design & Build Package


  • Build Now! Flexible Rate*
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