We are pleased to announce that we have established Ujenzibora Workshop for purposes of production of Architectural, Engineering and Ornamental works.

Our Workshop policy is to uphold Best Practice that exists in the market and continually be innovative. We also encourage our clients to experiment with new ideas to turn their homes into the Best Place to Live.

In keeping with this, We are also happy that you can select any of the designs below and let us know your requirements/modifications for production.

Ujenzibora Workshop is also capable of Home Remodel projects, House Fittings, Modification of Existing Designs, Production of Windows, Doors, Balustrades, Wall Hangings, Loose Steel & Timber Furniture, Gates and Persian Walls and Execution of Interior Design Ideas.

We at Ujenzibora Workshop produce designs that are ideal for:
Interior Designers
Architects (Specifying decorative works)
Engineers (Detailed Components)
Home Buyers and Households
Gardeners and many Others!

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