Ujenzibora is registered as a Company under CAP 486 of the Laws of Kenya.

Ujenzibora seeks to provide a series of bepoke housing solutions that are highly customizable, affordable and technologically sound for the first time home owners. We are passionate about solving real-life problems in the Built Environment for our customers and make the world a better place to live in.


We seek to lift the lid on the mystery that surrounds Building and Construction and to share useful knowledge.

Ujenzibora Seeks to provide a series of bespoke housing solutions that are highly customizable, affordable and technologically sound for first time home owners.


In "Our Design & Build Package", the client signs only ONE Contract and we take care of the rest of the business from Concepts, Design and Construction. Compared to the traditional building process, they save up to 40% of the construction time and savings of cost of up to 20% of traditional approach budget.

We have invested tremendous human and capital resources in ensuring that we have a total grasp on all the issues affecting the Building Process. The traditional building approach consumes a lot of time, money and resources that can be optimized by using the Ujenzibora Design & Build Approach.

We make it EASIER FOR YOU to enjoy the BENEFITS of your capital investment by working FASTER and in co-ordination of THE ENTIRE BUILDING TEAM...

We seek to offer our clients a one stop hustle free Lab where they can come to find lasting solutions and achieve their goals.


Ujenzi Bora CEO

QS. David Nahinga, CEO

David Nahinga was born in Iten, studied at Musingu High School and graduated with a Bachelors in Building Economics from the University of Nairobi (School of Built Environment) . I worked for Kenya Wildlife Service from 2007 to 2011 where i left to pursue private business interests.

In my spare time, I compile the contents of this blog, work as an Innovations Consultant and as a Consultant to Contractors. I also own a small Metal Crafts Workshop which provides direct employment to 5 People. The Construction Company directly employs more than 20 people. We trust we shall grow and make more lives better!

I enjoy helping others gain clarity on their strengths and vision. I prefer aligning myself with like-minded people. I am genuinely interested in meaningful projects and the persons behind them.

My present outdoor occupation is Quantity Surveying where I render useful service to the building industry. I provide a full range of Quantity Surveying Services to both the public and private business sector, as well as individuals

Management Accountant, CPA

Dominic Osyanju

Dominic Osyanju is an accounting Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the Brewery Industry and Construction Industry. Skilled in Cash Flow, Budgeting, Business Planning, Account reconciliation, Analytical Skills, Kenyan Tax laws and Strong information technology, CPA 2,focused in Finance and accounting Management Services.

I graduated from Moi University where I did a bachelor’s degree in business management, Accounting option and passed with a second class honors upper division.

I have a strong zeal of learning new things through research, observation and practice. Colleagues I have worked with have always described me as an aggressive individual, who takes up challenges and ready to learn. I am attentive and good at addressing problems and conflicts.

Concreting Team

Concreting Team

We have a well equipped concreting team able to concrete up to 1,000 Square Metres per day. They can be enhanced with additional on-demand labour as the need may arise.

Steelworks Team

Steelwork Team

We have a well equipped steel fixing and fabrication team able to undertake both simple and complex steel works. They can be enhanced with additional on-demand labour as the need may arise.

Mazera & Finishes Team

Mazera & Finishes Team

When we require Mazera Tilework or similar natural slate finish, we have a standby team to cut the tiles on site.

Excavations & Earthworks Team

Excavations & Earthworks Team

When we require to undertake excavations and earthworks, we have a well-able team of strong and committed gang members to carry out the work with diligence.

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