Why Think Small is The New Think Big. 3 Design Solutions for Micro-Parcels

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Why Think Small is The New Think Big. 3 Design Solutions for Micro-Parcels

Maximal House Ujenzibora


There are many people who own micro-parcels and feel intimidated because they lack the know-how of what is possible.

First, I will define a micro parcel as the “legally smallest piece of land one can own under the current laws.” This post is therefore for people who own an eighth of an acre or a sixteenth of an acre.

Why Think Small is The New Think Big. 3 Design Solutions for Micro-Parcels

Basic Rationale

The next frontier in residential housing is in the construction of tiny houses on micro-parcels. Countries which are ahead of the curve have pioneered new construction methods like 3D Printing a house in 8 hours to Modular Construction. But where should the revolution start?


Most would-be homeowners are restrained by lacking the financial resources necessary to build. In part, this is because there are no solutions on the table.

Most of the available capital and intellectual resources in the industry are committed to those who are well able.Unfortunately, the budget of the “Small Guy” does not meet that threshold.

To arrive at viable solution, we not only need to think outside the box, but without it.

It is also obvious that people who can only afford an eighth of an acre or half of it are the majority in terms of Land Buyers. “The ants weigh more than the elephants,” says Fiona


Most micro-parcels are either an eighth or smaller than an eighth. This presents a major constraint on space upon which one can build.


If one builds a house that can generate income as long as it is functional, it makes sense to build it affordably and within budget. This reduces the payback period. The technology wave is such that a generation is rising that is at Home Everywhere. That generation is constantly checking out affordable spaces on www.airbnb.com and similar sites offering affordable short-term accommodation. #ThinkSmall can help one build a Start-Up House that can be rent out for profit. If you work with a budget of KES. 3,000,000.00 to build, you can comfortably break even after 375 Bookings of the Asset. Immediately thereafter, the investment will start generating profits.

At a conservative estimate of 100 bookings per year, one can cover the cost of the Start Up House. This is looking at a house as an investment vehicle.


Taking a design approach to solve the problem, we have designed a series of 2 Bedroom Maisonettes that can fit on an eighth or a 16nth of an acre under a series called #ThinkSmall. We believe that this presents a New Frontier of Opportunity for those home owners who have small pieces of land but still want to fulfill their dreams of home ownership.



Compact I : Contemporary 2 Bedroom Maisonette with Kitchen, Lounge and Balcony from 3.0m

Compact 1: Ujenzibora House


Maximal : Contemporary 2 Bedroom Maisonette with Kitchen, Lounge and Balcony from Ksh. 3.2m

Maximal House Ujenzibora

Gyan House : Contemporary 2 Bedroom Maisonette with Kitchen, Paarking Lounge and Balcony from Ksh. 3.5m

Gyan House: Ujenzibora 2 Bedroom Maisonette

Gyan House: Ujenzibora 2 Bedroom Maisonette


While researching on this area, we realized that the typical perimeter wall methods increase the complexity of the challenge that small parcel owners face. While a perimeter wall serves as a physical barrier to intruders, if build with solid masonry blocks, it can end up blocking all the light and impeding air-circulation. This can dramatically compromise the quality of living on a micro-parcel.

ClearVu Wall Solution

ClearVu Wall Solution


To solve this challenge, we have proposed two approaches:

a) Using Columns and Steel Barriers such that you have the physical barrier of a wall and a lattice of steel that allows see-through and free air circulation.

b) Using an advanced fencing technology called ClearVu developed by Cochrane. Since an opaque barrier is the least desirable design solution for micro-parcels, CleaVu solves that problem.

David Nahinga
David Nahinga
Quantity Surveyor | Owner and Director: Ujenzibora Investment Limited | Tel: +254 720578632 |


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    can you build a house in my plot then rent it out till my bills are cleared

  2. Cheloti W. Wanyonyi says:

    I am also interested in the joint venture agreement

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