UJENZIBORA GUIDE TO WALLING Walls are the vertical members of a building that are used to enclose the space within it or to divide the same space to multiple spaces to maximize use. They are different types of walls mainly:

1.Building wall (walls that are part of the building-internal and external walls)
2.Free-standing walls e.g. perimeter wall
3.Foundations walls
4.Parapet walls
5.Balustrade walls
6.Retaining walls

The cost of building a wall will therefore depend on the type of wall.
A good wall should be strong, stable, resistant to weather elements and fire, offer heat and sound insulation and security to occupants. However, in your choice of walling, aesthetic nature of wall could also matter.

Walling generally is one of the cheapest part of a building (14% for a small bungalow), though it will ultimately depend on choice of material.

The different walling materials include glass, masonry blocks, clay among others, to fit one’s needs and taste.
Just like many building materials, one wall can easily substitute for another depending on the function and usage of the space. It is important to work with walling material that best fits your budget. The decision making process ncan be guided with the help of your Architect, Contractor or Quantity Surveyor.

Below is an info-graphic of commonly used walling materials.

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