Revealed: Building A 3 Bedroom House In One Year Using The #52WeekChallenge Savings Plan!

What is the 52 Week Challenge?

This is a rapid graduated savings plan where one progressively saves weekly towards a worthy goal over a period of 52 Weeks(One Year). It gained popular support through the inspiration and work of Ms.Kellie (Rookie Manager Blog). We at Ujenzibora thank Kellie and Gikundo for making this important Way of Thinking public. Currently, more than 500 Kenyans are participating in the Savings Challenge and we at Ujenzibora took time to apply it to the Goal of Home Ownership. [See Worked Example below].

One Year Building Work Program:
Working together with Our Team of Consultants, we have been inspired by the 52 Week Challenge to break down all the costs of a typical 3 Bedroom House Costing Ksh. 3,798,936.00 into a practical program of works.

House Type: 3 Bedroom House
Typical Construction Period: 3 to 4 Months
Week 1 Savings Starting Amount: Ksh. 2,757.00
Construction Cost of House = Annual Savings Target: Ksh. 3,798,936.00

This program does not reflect how long it can take to efficiently build the items but is reflective of what cumulative savings can achieve theoretically as at the indicated week. That is to say, funds saved and able to accomplish the stated works under the sub-headings!

Up To Week No. 10 (March 6th) - Total Savings Ksh. 151,632.00
-Architectural Design + City Council Approvals

Up To Week No. 28 (July 10th) - Cumulative Savings ksh.1,119,342.00
Substructures including:-
- Site preparation and Excavations
- Foundations
- Hardcore fillings + Murram Blinding
- Column Bases and Ground Beams
- Complete Floor Slab

Up To Week 34 (August 21)- Cumulative Savings Ksh. 1,640,415.00
-Internal Walling + External Walling
-Ring Beam

Up To Week40 (October 2) - Cumulative Savings Ksh. 2,150,577.00
-Wall Plate
-Structural Timberwork for Roof
-Roof Cover

Up To Week 41 (October 9)- Cumulative Savings Ksh. 2,343,625.00

Up To Week 42 (October 16) - Cumulative Savings Ksh. 2,452,591.00

Up To Week 43 (October 23) - Cumulative Savings Ksh. 2,548,626.00
External Wall Finishes

Up To Week 48 (November 27)- Cumulative Savings Ksh. 3,128,436.00
-Internal Floor Finishes
-Internal Wall Finishes
-Ceilling Finishes

Up To Week 49 (December 4)- Cumulative Savings Ksh 3,288,436.00
-Wash Hand Basins
-Water Closets
-Low Level Kitchen Cabinets
-High Level Cabinets

Up To Week 49 (December 4) - Cumulative Savings Ksh. 3,373,936.00
Wash Hand Basins
Kitchen Sink
Water Closet
Shower Fittings

Up To Week 52 (December 25) - Cumulative Savings KShs. 3,798,936.00
Water Connection to City Council
Electrical Works
Plumbing & Drainage/Manholes
Sunshading Devices
Contigency Sum

3 Houses Under Ksh.3m:

The Minima
The Firstep House
The Parallel House


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