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The Ujenzibora Building Steps are Optimized for Efficiency.

Over the years, we have laboured endlessly to optimize all our operations and bring in efficiency both at the Design Stage and the Building Stage. Removing the tough steps, bringing together the experts on one table and trying as much as possible to give our clients value for money has been at the centre of our committment.

Ujenzibora Design and Build Package:
Our team of consultants and construction work together to both design and build your house.
The Design Team has an Architect, Engineer, Planner(where needed), Quantity Surveyor(s). The Construction Team has the Main Contractor, Landscapers, and Qualified Sub-contractors directly commissioned by Ujenzibora.
At Ujenzibora, we apply this optimized method as it affords the greatest savings in cost and time.

With a Design and Build Team, you only get to sign ONE CONTRACT and do not have to run up and down to assemble your consortium. Just provide a DESIGN BRIEF on what you want to construct and we shall take care of the rest of the business to let you focus on your business.

The Design & Build package included follow up with the various city and council planning departments for approval of Architectural and Structural Drawings.

The Consultants jointly sign an agreement to deliver on the project goals. Each consultant may work independently or collaborate in one working space but the primary objective is to deliver on the Project Brief and reduce the complexity of the Building Project.

Ujenzibora Brief Terms of Payment:

In our “Design-And-Build” Package, we have removed the complexity, old-fashioned costs and process which have proved to be very tedious and confusing to home owners. For people who already have Land and Clean Title/Ownership Documents, to Construct a House the payment terms are as follows:
A. Committment Fees – Covers Design Cost – Contract Signing & Design Modifications
B. First Installment, Second and Third Installment - Covers Construction up to roof level
C. Last Installemnt – Covers Balance of Building Cost to Complete Construction (Plumbing, Finishes and Electrical)
The installments can be varied in agreement with the client.
Upon project completion, the owner gets a Hand Over Report, an As-Built-Drawings +and Occupation Certificate which can be used later for property valuation, history or referencing.

3 Houses Under Ksh. 3 Million:

The Minima
The Firstep House
The Parallel House


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David Nahinga
David Nahinga
Quantity Surveyor | Owner and Director: Ujenzibora Investment Limited | Tel: +254 720578632 |

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