Part B: Seven Myths on Mortgages and Alternative Points of View [Infographic]

Why the Idea of Taking a Mortgage in a High Interest Regime is a Terrible Decision.
December 25, 2016
Ujenzibora Amazing Options To Build Your House Under Ksh. 3m Talk-to-Us, Get Started!
December 29, 2016

Part B: Seven Myths on Mortgages and Alternative Points of View [Infographic]

Part B. Popular Myths on Mortgages

This part of the four-part Knowledge Series that looks at The Most Common Myths on Mortgages that are used to lure the unsuspecting sheep for slaughter. I found about 10... but there could be more!

A myth is a story or speech commonly that is used to explain some natural or social phenomena. Most myths are widely held false beliefs or ideas and it is our intention to debunk some of the most common myths on Mortgages.
End of Part B.

This Four Part Knowledge Series on Mortgages is based on a recent Twitter Mortgage Thread.
You can comment on it and interact with me in Real Time Here.
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